About Us


Classic and Contemporary

At Rani we strive to serve  Indian Cuisine with a unique twist. From our origins as Bombay Bistro through the many restaurants we have owned and managed over the years, we have come to appreciate the well prepared dish more than ever. Our classic curries are prepared from recipes gathered on our many trips to India which is also where we get the inspiration for our specialties. We are always conscious of freshness in all our ingredients, including and especially our herbs and spices. So, whatever you choose, be assured that it was prepared for you with a great deal of care.

Wine Pairings

A wine enthusiast at heart, Samir has studied and learned how to pair wines with many different curries. Over the course of time we'll be adding those pairings to the menu with descriptions as to why they work so well. As always, the wine list is chosen with great care and an eye to value as well as a palate for great flavors. Watch for insights from Samir's recent sojourn to Oregon.


From time to time, Rani will hold special tastings and dinners to highlight a particular part of our menu or to announce something new. These will vary in theme and price and will be announced both here and in our email updates. Watch for a pairing of fiery curries with craft-brewed beers coming this fall.